Hi, I am Kenneth Green

If you found yourself seated next to Kenneth at a dinner party you’d be struck at once by his sense of humor and his sharp attentiveness…but there’s something else.

Perhaps after a few moments you realize Kenneth is one of those extraordinary people who possesses a genuine gift. He makes you feel celebrated as you become free and spontaneous and even laugh in front of his lens; whether he's photographing a corporate event, a family or individual portrait session or even a wedding, with this freedom of self, your expectations are exceeded.

"Focused on those moments that take your breath away"

It all evolved as natural as breathing... at the age of fifteen he was given as a gift his first camera, a twin lens reflex Yashica 35mm, this gift was from a family friend, the God given gift was an extraordinary sense of creativity and a vivid imagination, the world then became his canvas, he photographed people, places, and things like an artist paints a picture.

In high school he was known as "the camera man" because of always having more than one camera strapped around his shoulders, he photographed all the high school games and special events. His talent didn't go without being recognized, the school placed him in what was called the Accelerated Student Achievement Program, from there it was no looking back, I found myself learning techniques from some of the best photographic engineers North American Rockwell International had to offer, the camera lens became the way he viewed the world and the many images that he captured became a window to his soul. Kenneth has been fortunate enough in his travels to photograph some extraordinary places, Keflavik Iceland, Sigonella Italy, and Rota Spain this was during his military enlistment overseas...it gave him the opportunity to capture some of all the beauty that God has created. 

his transition to the ever changing world of digital photography was effortless, the world of digital photography provides the creative freedom to be uniquely original in ways I could have never imagined, his promise is to always continue on this journey to expose the world in ways that could only be seen through the lens of his camera...a world filled with extraordinary Beauty, Love, Joy, and Happiness, Smile for me!!



Published 2018 Black Bride Magazine https://www.blackbride.com/inspiration/modern-desert-chic-california-wedding/gallery/253490/

Bank Of America Achievement Award 1973

North American Rockwell International Achievement Award

Los Angeles Fremont High School Best Photographer Award

Entertainment Photographer

Center Stage Entertainment Magazine,Grammy Awards, Black Entertainment Magazine, ASCAP Awards, Bet Awards, Soul Train and Lady Of Soul Awards, NAACP Awards

Creativity and imagination, the fuel that motivates Kenneth to capture those moments that last a lifetime, we are you "Simply The Best" 

Kenneth G Photography " Simply The Best"



“Simply The Best”